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Building endurance, and fatigue resistance should form a core of most rider’s endurance training.  ‘MIET’ (Moderately Intensive Endurance Training) should be up to 60-minutes of riding in zone 3. 

You should be able to talk during this session, but not in complete sentences. It’s a moderate effort around your ‘talking threshold’ (if you don’t have a power meter or heart rate monitor) or about 30 to 40 b/min below maximum heart rate. 

Start with 20-mins of it within a steady ride, building up to 60-mins (or longer). 

Alternatively you can play around with the effort. For example you could do a 45-min effort, followed by a minute or two easy and then another 15-mins or longer. 

Your cadence should be about 85 to 95 revs/min you can also practice eating/drinking while riding at this tempo effort. It’s great for building fitness, and helping with weight (fat) loss, especially if you do this session several times per week.

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