How does it work? 

It's really quite simple, if you have a training session to share that would help someone's training and enjoyment of cycling - share it here. 

The site contains a curated community sourced directory of links providing access to free online training sessions  across the world of indoor training . 

To begin sharing - create an account; once it has been activated by the 'VeloFreak Master'  you can start supporting the wider remote learning community. You'll be able to log in and start adding links in the Session Directory. The directory is fully searchable, speeding up your access to a wide range of training session content. 

You can access content, by category, duration, media type and provider. So if you're looking for something specific you'll be able to find it fast, and if its not there, why not create the resource and share it via the resource directory. 

Contribute a Training Session Link


Remember - You're not adding sessions, just links to sessions! In NO way are you giving up the Intellectual Property Rights to your content. 

VeloFreak Designed Training Sessions 

As well as providing access to our community sourced training directory, we also write our own training sessions (which are also available through the training session directory). 

What's different about VeloFreak Training Sessions?

When you ride slower perhaps during a recovery phase of the session, the music matches this and encourages recovery, when you need to ride harder the music will match the effort. The integration and synchronisation of our bespoke music provides a richer training experience where music can help users to get the most out of their training time resulting in real improvements in performance.