How do I add a Session to the Directory?

It's really easy to add a session to the directory.

Sign Up to create an account (Its FREE!)

After your acount has been approved, you'll be able to log into the platform.

The 'My Account' menu will display.

From the 'My Account' page, select 'Add a Training Session' and complete the entry form.

Make sure you complete all the form fields.

If the session is a YouTube video - please ensure you paste in the full link/URL including https://www eg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WfjOOHV6Vs

You'll receive and email when your entry has been approved by the 'VeloFreak Master'.


Is the service really FREE to use?

Yes - Really - Its FREE.

The service is completely FREE and relies on the good will of the cycling community to share links to training sessions,resources, guidance and support.

TRAINING SUBSCRIPTION (FREE*): A synchronised 'musified' and community based training platform.  VeloFreak Training will offer cyclists and the wider fitness community, an engaging training experience with music uniquely synchronised with their training to motivate and increase engagement. Research has shown that music can improve performance by up to 10%.

Update: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic; as well as VeloFreak sessions we're also adding sessions from other providers to our training session directory for the cycling community to use during Lockdown.


How do I search/filter the Sessions Directory?

The following video provides an overview of the Session Directory 'Search' and 'Workout Filter' fuctionality. 

Press 'F' on your keyboard to view the video in full screen.

I need support using the service, how do I access support?

Most of the time, users rarely experience an issue using the platform. If you do have a question or require further support, please use the contact form.

How do I add a Session to the Directory?

Simply complete the contact form  with the details of the session and we'll add it to the Session Directory


I have an idea for a training session - Can you help?

We work hard to provide our subscribers with the traiing sessions they want, if you have an idea for a new training session, please use the contact form to discuss your idea further with us.

I'd like to promote my training sessions through the platform - How?

We provide a mechanism for the promotion of  training sessions from third-party providers. Why not contact us to discuss how we can include a link to your training content in our community training session directory.

Individuals taking part in sessions will be exposed to your training content wherever it  is stored, engaging further with your content if they wish. It will help other training providers to build a profile for their content. In an increasingly crowded market place for coaches and training providers;  VeloFreak can help you to increase their audience, the platform can help you broaden your reach.